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Gina Pane, Azione sentimentale, 1973
Orlan, Smiley blood test with an harlequin’s hat, 5th surgery-performance titled Operation-opera July 6, 1991
Odinea Pamici, Ballo Con Ivonne, 2005

GESTURES - Women in Action

Yoko Ono. Cut Piece. 1964. Carnegie Recital Hall, New York, March 21, 1965. Photograph by Minoru Niizuma. © Minoru Niizuma. Courtesy Lenono Photo Archive, New York

GESTURES - Women in Action

Opening reception: Friday, February 5, 2016

Exhibition period: February 6 – April 10, 2016

Curator: Valerio DehĂČ

Body Art is one of the great novelties of the past century. Body language, the approximation of art and performance, the accentuation of the bodily presence - which has become a hallmark of contemporary art - were the main achievements of the 20th century.
All around the world, the dissolution of the borders between theater, event, communication, and art is of fundamental importance when it comes to defining various aspects of femininity. In Body Art, women have excelled as great proponents of this revolutionary art form. Worldwide, they have used their bodies as a weapon for pointing out their situation in society. Furthermore, they have reduced the distance between art and the viewer through their actions. Art was used to communicate social issues, as a mirror of society, and as a laboratory for social change. The viewer was included in the process and became part of the work. Thanks to the courage of these women, many changes have been implemented through the Body Art of the 1960s and 1970s, and developments have been triggered that continue to influence contemporary art. 

A project in cooperation with The Cultural Broker and 123 Art.

The artists:
Marina Abramovic, Sophie Calle, Silvia Camporesi, Jeanne Dunning, Valie Export, Regina José Galindo, Yayoi Kusama, Ana Mendieta, Charlotte Moorman, Shirin Neshat, Yoko Ono, Orlan, Odinea Pamici, Gina Pane, Carolee Schneemann.