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HELEN MIRRA Walking, weaving
GIANNI PETTENA - Natural architecture
Who is still Austrian?
On the occasion of commemoration of the 700th anniversary of giving the Municipal Regulations to Merano, the show, curated by Luigi Fassi, introduces the operas of five artists who question themselves on the social and historical mutations that have interested the South Tyrolean town.
In the last few years various artists have stepped back to study painting in depth as an expressive means, with all the possible alternative approaches to this medium. They see in painting a possibility of emancipation from actual working conditions. Working conditions that are ever more specified by the accelerated and market driven situation in the exhibition business.
On occasion of the 70th birthday of the Merano costume designer Frida Parmeggiani, the Salzburger Mozarteum and Merano Arte present a comprehensive Frida Parmeggiani exhibition entitled Textile Artefacts.
Between the years
The BETWEEN THE YEARS show will be set on the ground floor of Merano Arte. The artwork of 13 artists, tied to the Kunsthaus by friendship, will be exhibited. The way through the Merano porticos and the Kunsthaus Coffee Shop will be transformed into a temporary art gallery, rich in hues, a privileged meeting place.
Markus Vallazza - The World Illustrator
Markus Vallazza. Illustrator, etcher, poet, rebel, cosmopolitan. The South Tyrolean artist has drawn and passionately interpreted - never simply illustrated - innumerable works of world literature.
For 20 years, Merano Arte has been presenting architecture exhibitions with the aim of creating awareness for modern and contemporary architecture in the Alpine region and is proud to show the stimulating and high-standard exhibition "ITALOMODERN 1+2" in 2016.
GESTURES - Women in action
Body Art is one of the great novelties of the past century. Body language, the approximation of art and performance, the accentuation of the bodily presence - which has become a hallmark of contemporary art - were the main achievements of the 20th century.
On occasion of the third edition of the international architectural award «Constructive Alps», the Swiss Alpine Museum and the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development have set up an exhibition on the topic of "Renovating and Building Sustainably in the Alps". On Saturday, February 27, this exhibition will be opened at Merano Arte.
Alois Kuperion - Painting is My Purpose in Life
On occasion of the 50th anniversary of Alois Kuperion's death, Merano arte will hold a large retrospective of the life and works of the wandering painter from the Vinschgau from October 10, 2015 to January 11, 2016 Kuperion had permanently belonged to the Merano art scene since the early 1950s. From 1957 until his death in 1966, he had chosen Merano as his adoptive home.
The Architecture of the 1920s and 1930s in Merano
The exhibition gives an overall picture of the projects that were developed in Merano during the 1920s and 1930s. It focuses on the architectural trends of those decades and relates them to the urban planning.
Francesca Woodman & Birgit JĂŒrgenssen
For the first time, Merano arte presents a double exhibition of works by the Italo-American artist Francesca Woodman (1958 – 1981) and the Austrian artist Birgit JĂŒrgenssen (1949 – 2003). This is the second cooperation project between MERANO ARTE and SAMMLUNG VERBUND, the first one having been the presentation of the early works of Cindy Sherman.
RICETTE D'ARTISTA. Between Art and Food
On occasion of the "Foodie Factory" that will take place in spring 2015 in Merano, the "Merano arte" exhibition "Ricette d’Artista. Between Art and Food" will present numerous cross-references between the production of art at a studio and the preparation of food in a kitchen.
From Nice to Merano
The project series "FROM & TO" was initiated by Merano arte, first held in 2007, and repeated in 2011. In the past, selected Italian artists had each invited a colleague of their choice from abroad to develop a joint work or work on a topic with them.
Marco Bolognesi - SENDAI CITY
Sendai City is a metropolis, a mise-en-scĂšne, a postmodern, decadent place, a non-place inhabited by cyborgs, created by an artificial intelligence and governed by multinational corporations.
Architecture and Wine in Central Europe
The exhibition presents a selection of 38 vineyards in Central Europe. These 38 projects include four in South Tyrol: the wineries of Nals-Margreid, Tramin, and Schreckbichl, as well as the wine center in Kaltern.
Matthias Schönweger - JANUS
The exhibition project "JANUS - 1914 and No End in Sight" commemorates World War I, 100 years ago, taking the opportunity to make a pacifist and anti-militarist statement with regard to all the wars of the past and present century.
Dreamland Alps
Parallel to the exhibition "Alps, Architecture, Tourism, demonstrated by the example of South Tyrol", "Dreamland Alps" will present 22 utopian projections and projects in the Alps.
Alps, Architecture, Tourism
Alpine Architecture, Architecture for Tourism, or Architectural Tourism in the Alps: a multi-faceted title. At any rate, it is about architecture. The exhibition presents architecture for tourism - from a simple boarding house to an elegant hotel, from a cable railway station to the architectural sculptures on the Timmelsjoch
Hans Knapp - What is it like?
With the solo exhibition WHAT IS IT LIKE?, Merano arte is presenting the extraordinary oeuvre of Hans Knapp, with drawings, sketches, and collages that he made over the course of his life.
Franz Pichler - HAVE NO FEAR
On occasion of his 75th birthday, Merano arte is devoting a first comprehensive exhibition to the artist Franz Pichler, presenting all his works, from the sixties until today.
Ugo Mulas "Circus Calder"
For the first time, Merano arte and Archivio Ugo Mulas (Milano) are presenting a selection of 36 original photographs from the wonderful series Circus Calder.
Constructive Alps
An exhibition based on the "Alpenweiter Architekturpreis fĂŒr nachhaltiges Sanieren und Bauen" [Alpine-wide architecture prize for sustainable renovation and construction], advertised by Bundesamt fĂŒr Raumentwicklung der Schweiz and Amt fĂŒr Umwelt Liechtenstein; kindly supported by the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA.
Walter Moroder - The Representation of Silence
Most of the works by Walter Moroder on exhibition at Merano arte are made of wood: human figures with timeless, empty faces.
Yacob Ibrahim
Ibrahim began his career as an artist by imitating the old Masters of Post-Impressionism, such as Gauguin and Picasso, but also paintings of the French academies in the late 17th century.
The World of Things
Classical still lifes displayed splendor and wealth. What mattered was basically the reality status of pictures of everyday objects that also had a symbolic, philosophical meaning. Classical still lifes were followed by Warhol’s Campbell cans – the still life of mass production.
The exhibition “Murano><Merano” in Merano is being held at the same time as the 55th Venice Biennale and the third edition of its collateral glass biennial “Glasstress”.
DESIRING the real
Austria contemporary
Innovative School Buildings in South Tyrol
The exhibition “Innovative School Buildings in South Tyrol” as well as the book by the same name explore a selection of school buildings in South Tyrol.
Exhibition CRISIS
Grade 5D of the Merano high school specializing in arts. An exhibition in which young artists express their fears regarding the global economic crisis. This is an initiative conducted by Ulrich Egger, professor and artist.
Sissa Micheli
At Merano arte, Sissa Micheli will realize a serialized installation that deals with the manner in which photography operates on the interface to motion pictures.
Elisabeth Oberrauch
It seems as though Elisabeth Oberrauch were collecting ideas and projects for a future museum of art and natural curiosities. Her exhibition “Cabinet of Natural Curiosities” is a very special one: she creates natural objects, from fir cones to corals, out of paper, her favorite material which has brought her worldwide recognition.
Cindy Sherman
Merano arte is pleased to announce the exhibition “Cindy Sherman. That’s me – That’s not me. Early Works 1975 - 1977”, organized by the Verbund Collection Vienna, from February 1 to June 2, 2013.
Arnold M. Dall'O
In his latest works, the artist contemplates death, the standstill of life, still life as an art genre.
Zenzi Glatt
Zenzi Glatt – having now reached the ripe age of 99 – has been painting for more than 40 years.
Perspectives of the Future
With more than 300 artworks, most of which are unpublished, the exhibition tells its visitors about the buoyant, varied, and ambitioned cultural scene in the town by the Passer river.
One year after his death, Merano arte will be holding the first memorial exhibition in Italy of the great American artist Dennis Oppenheim.
Jörg Hofer - Geology
In order to understand the tentative manner of Jörg Hofer’s paintings, one ought to keep in mind that he is a convinced adherent of the idea of Romantic space as a coagulant between the visible and the invisible.
The project involving the students of the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster is aimed at introducing young people to the world of art in an active as well as passive manner, beyond a mere exhibition.
Martin Pohl - On the Limits of Painting
Martin Pohl’s manner of painting originates from the ‘Postinformal’ of the sixties, which was basically a quest for what is essential, a gesture, and chromatic reduction that went all the way to monochromism.
Annemarie Laner - They Never Wonder
Solo exhibition of Annemarie Laner
On account of its particular geopolitical and cultural dimension, South Tyrol continues to be a true case history of contemporary architecture.
The Abandoned Barn - Architecture exhibition
Farming has changed dramatically in the Alps. Barns reflect and accompany this transformation.
HUGO VALLAZZA - Color. Form. Nature.
The exhibition comprises roughly 30 works on canvas, 30 works on paper and drawings, texts, as well as Vallazza's notebook which contains information on his basic spiritual and theoretical research.
The exhibition will comprise 40 selected works, each developed by Erwitt himself at his New York studio.
Tony Cragg
Tony Cragg
from & to
On occasion of this exhibition, curator Valerio DehĂČ has again asked artists to enter into an artistic dialogue in Merano as couples for the second edition of From & T(w)o
Architecture Exhibition: Living in the Alps
From May 15 to Sept. 12, 2010, Merano arte and Stiftung der Kammer der Architekten [Foundation of the Chamber of Architects] will present the exhibition Living in the Alps.
Peter Fellin
Retrospective of Peter Fellin
Works from the Finstral Collection
Merano arte is for the first time presenting a selection of works from the Finstral collection—a comprehensive international collection of contemporary art.
Urs LĂŒthi - Art is the Better Life
ART IS THE BETTER LIFE is a monographic exhibition dedicated to the works of the Swiss artist Urs LĂŒthi (* 1947). Presenting a selection of his works, from 1970 until today, the retrospective is designed according to the artist’s express desires and ideas.
Play: Inspiration and Reality of Contemporary Art.
Contemporarary Architecture in Finland
Contemporary Architecture in Finland presents selected contemporary Finnish architecture projects that fascinate not only with their high functional and technical quality, but also with their special capability of focusing on human needs.
Eduard Habicher - DRAWING SPACE
The sculptural work by Eduard Habicher is an attempt at an interesting synthesis between a minimal intervention in space and a work that nevertheless strongly and energetically bursts out of space.
Ulrich Egger - HOUSING
The work of the sculptor and photographer Ulrich Egger analyzes and presents a constantly changing world. Little nature is left in this world, and the never-ending task of man is to destroy and reconstruct.